Advisory Board Members

The NFSI Advisory Board is made up of members representing various industries. It is vital to uphold the NFSI mission throughout all industries to create a consistent and constant awareness to the topic of slips, trips, and falls.

Christopher Chatten, Principal, CALC Consulting

Chip Darius, Safety Priority Consultants, LLC

Cory Davis, Principal, Real Time Risk Solutions

Dr. Mark Fagiano, Professor, University of Central Florida

John Gozum, Laboratory Manager, 3M Building & Commercial Services

Brent Johnson, Chief Auditor, Traction Auditing

Bill McGarvey, Director of Training & Sustainability, Philip Rosenau Co, Inc.

Christopher Meaney, Vice President, ABCO Products, Inc.

Stathis Meletis, Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Ryan Pace, Non-slip Services of Georgia

Mark Partain, Ei Consultants Engineer

John Peterson, Retail Litigation Consultants, LLC

Blair Pruitt, Axiom Building Inspections

Mark Shake, Badger Technologies

Steve Spencer, Spencer Consulting

Craig Stephenson, Principal, American Slip Meter

Dan Zarletti, Sustainable Safety Solutions, Inc.