The NFSI is proud to be an ANSI Accredited Standard Developer.

The NFSI B101 committee’s scope is “To develop safety standards intended to provide preventative measures in all manner of pedestrian ambulatory safety in regards to slips, trips, and falls” and is titled B101 Safety Requirements for Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention.

Looking to purchase NFSI Standards?

As an ANSI accredited Standards Developer the NFSI has been busy compiling research and support for the standardization of floor safety. If you need to scope the latest NFSI standards, please purchase your own personally licensed copy by following the link provided.

Need information on B101 Committee Updates?

The NFSI B101 Committee oversees the development of NFSI standards for floor safety. All details of the NFSI B101 Committee can be found here. Check in to get news, work items, or technical documents related to current standard developments.