Product Certification

The NFSI Product Certification Process is composed of a two phase process. Each applicant’s products must successfully pass Phase 1 testing, followed by Phase 2 testing. After a product has succesfully met the requirements for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 testing, the product will be deemed NFSI Certified.

*Products that have passed Phase 1 testing may apply for Phase 2. (FLOORING MATERIALS, COATINGS, AND TREATMENTS.)
Auto-scrubber Certification only requires Phase 2 testing.


Product Certification F.A.Q

Please view the tab associated to each phase of testing for more details. Questions about Floor Mat testing are also covered in the tab below.

How much does Phase 1 Testing cost?

The cost for laboratory testing is $395 per product and is due with submission of a certification application.

What is required for Phase 1 Testing?

A minimum quantity of product already applied to a flooring material is required for testing. Apply the product to three (3) square feet of material or three (3) 12” x 12” tiles for submission.

How long does Phase 1 testing take?

The applicant can expect that the laboratory testing will be completed approximately 20 days from receipt of the product by the testing laboratory. The NFSI attempts to accommodate those is need of immediate test results if possible—but cannot guarantee immediate results.

*Products only qualify for Phase 2 testing upon successful completion of Phase 1 testing 

How much does Phase 2 Testing cost?

The cost of certification is $3,450 per product and is due upon receipt. Testing will not begin until proper payment is received.

How long does Phase 2 testing take?

Upon receipt of the product(s), an NFSI technician will install or apply the product in a real world application (Test Site) for a minimum of thirty days. The product will be maintained as specified by the manufacturer for the entire test period. After the minimum test period has expired, a member of the NFSI technical team will inspect and prepare the test site for testing in accordance with the ANSI/NFSI B101.1-2009, ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012 or NFSI 101-B standards.

The applicant can expect that the field testing will be completed in approximately 90 days.

How much material or supply of product is required for Phase 2 testing?

A sufficient amount of product or material is required for field testing. For chemical cleaning agents or treatments, a minimum 30-day supply is required, while for floor coverings, a minimum of nine (9) square feet of material is required.

What happens after the minimum test period?

If the product meets or exceeds the minimum acceptable value it will become certified as “High Traction” by the NFSI.

See the “After Receiving Certification” tab for more information.

How will people know my product is NFSI Certified?

NFSI Certified products will be listed on the NFSI website unless the applicant explicitly instructs the NFSI not to do so. Products that are submitted, but do not meet the minimum accepted value will not be certified and will not be listed on the NFSI’s website.

Can I use NFSI’s logo to advertise my product as NFSI High-Traction?

An applicant is granted a limited right to use the “NFSI Certified” logo on the product as well as all materials (ie: brochures, packaging, etc.) for the period under which the product is certified. For more information regarding permissible logo use, please refer to the NFSI logo policy.

How long is my product NFSI Certified? Will my product need to get re-certified at a later date?

The certification period lasts three (3) years and products are required to apply for recertification at the end of the three-year period consistent with the NFSI certified product recertification policy. Specifically, product certification registrants are required to complete a Recertification Application and undergo retesting (if necessary).

What are the costs to re-certify my product?

The cost to re-certify an NFSI Certified product is $495 and will extend the certification period for an additional three years.

Does Floor Mat testing involve Phase 1 and Phase 2?

No—Floor Mats are tested to a separate standard—therefore the testing procedures are different.

What standard are Floor Mats tested to?

Upon receipt of the product(s), an NFSI technician will test in accordance with NFSI 101-C standard.

How long does testing of Floor Mats take?

The applicant can expect that the testing will be completed in approximately 20 days.

How large of a sample size needs to be submitted?

A minimum of 2 feet x 2 feet of material is required—(larger is okay).

How much does it cost to have a Floor Mat tested?

The cost of certification on a floor mat is $795 per product and is due upon receipt.

How much does it cost to have an Auto Scrubber tested?

The cost of certification for Auto Scrubbers is $3,450 per product and is due upon receipt. Testing will not begin until proper payment is received.

How is the Auto Scrubber tested?

Auto Scrubbers are used in the field per the manufacturers instructions. Coefficient of friction readings are recorded before and after a surface is treated.