The Reference Check Surface is required for use with the NFSI B101.2 Test Method for Determining the Impact on Wet COF of Various Chemical or Physical Walkway Surface Cleaners and Treatments on Common Hard-Surface Flooring Materials.  The reference surface is verified and labeled with a value used for sensor validation as outlined in NFSI B101.2.  Please follow the tribometer manufacturer’s procedures for measuring the reference check surface. The following tribometer manufacturers require the use of the NFSI Reference Check Surface:

MAD Safety Instruments, Inc., (TRACSCAN)

Impact General (GS-1)

American Slip Meter, Inc. (ASM 825A and ASM 925)

This tile complies with Section 5.4 “Standard Tile” of the ASTM C-1028-07e1 standard (Withdrawn) commonly referred to as “TCNA Tile.”