Session 2



Presented by Dr. Mark Fagiano

This presentation makes an argument for adopting a broad understanding of empathy for the purposes of identifying the multiple ways we experience empathy and for explicating how radically different modes of empathy are necessary for addressing pressing social problems.

Learn how these different types of empathy relate to slip, trip, and fall prevention and why a broad understanding of empathy allows us to create numerous strategies that will prevent future accidents!

Mark Fagiano

Marc-fagianoAn American philosopher and visiting assistant professor at Emory University. His first book, Pragmatism about Race (IUP, 2015) addresses the role of philosophy in race theory and offers a philosophical and historical account of race thinking.

The main purpose of this book is explain why a relationalistic and melioristic account of race helps us both to address the ambiguity of racial categories and to attack persisting social-structural racism.

His current work explores philosophical accounts of empathy, how we might nurture the skill of empathy, and why the creation of widespread empathy within organizations and communities is crucial both for their flourishing and for addressing larger issues of social justice.