Session 5


Mats – Prevent Accidents Before the Happen

Presented by David Watterson

In almost every case, the cause or multiple origins of Slip, Trip & Fall accidents could have been identified before they happened and oftentimes prevented.

Recognizing hazards, or Seeing Accidents before They Happen, is the focus of this program. It is increasingly important for all businesses to take responsibility for the safety of employees, and customers.  By using proper matting products and techniques, serious slip and fall injuries can be avoided.

Learn some common causes of accidents and how to develop effective safety awareness procedures to identify them!

David Watterson

d-wattersonDavid Watterson has over 25 years of sales, marketing and customer service to the mat industry.  He is currently the Vice President of International Sales and works within the North American and European base. Since 1963, Mountville Mills has produced the finest, most technologically advanced industrial mats in the marketplace.

Their wide range of mat products includes: Custom Logo mats to enhance corporate image; Safety Mats that visually deliver safety messages and help keep floors dry; Anti-fatigue mats to improve employee morale and productivity; and SuperScrape™ mats to provide a safe, slip resistant entrance.