Chicago, IL, USA April 6, 2017 – Capital Construction Solutions (CCS), a risk management developer centering on mobile technology, has partnered with National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to develop a mobile application with analytics that enables companies to manage the risk of slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

The National Floor Safety Institute ( is an organization whose mission is “to aid in the prevention of slips, trips-and-falls through education, research, and standards development.” Approximately 25,000 slip and fall accidents happen every day in the workplace. NFSI has over 2,500 members, primarily risk managers and walkway auditors throughout the Fortune 500 companies such as Allied Insurance, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Allstate, Walmart, Cintas, Ecolab and 3M.

NFSI President Russell Kendzior, states that the “NFSI mobile app tool is a must-have tool for professional walkway auditors as well as property owners and insurers who need a fast and simply way to track the safety of walkways.”

The NFSI mobile app allows companies to establish real-time monitoring of all facilities or buildings worldwide via a comprehensive dashboard for slips, trips and falls. The app contains research leading best practices to monitor results using pictures and notes. Companies can use that information in aggregate to plot trends, prioritize new policies and manage compliance remotely.

In addition to performing facility observations, the mobile app provides a way for companies to post procedures and develop their own custom file cabinet to post any supporting documentation, removing paper from the process. The solution also provides the ability for any company to digitize any paper form using the leading mobile form creator within the application.

The mobile app is sold directly via an introductory price of $99 per user per year via and the mobile application is available for download both in the Apple store and Android store.

“CCS has been working with NFSI for over a year and we are excited to integrate our mobile risk platform with the power of years of research with NFSI,” says CCS’s CEO, Cory Davis.

NFSI is the fifth risk management module released by CCS in the past 15 months. CCS currently has four other products (CCS Safety, CCS Inspection, CCS CPM and CCS Risk) in the marketplace since launching in December 2015. CCS currently has over 250,000 best practices in the marketplace and the risk platform is being used in 50 states and in 5 countries.