The B101.9 Standard Guide for Identification and Elimination of Interior and Exterior Pedestrian Trip Hazards on Walking Surfaces, Stairs, Steps and Ramps is now available for purchase.  The purpose of this standard guide is to provide users with a compendium of information, procedures, and solutions that can be used to reduce the risk of pedestrian trips.

Trips and falls are one of the most common form of injury for most businesses costing them billions of dollars each year. For the first time in American history there is a national standard outlining the procedures they can implement to minimize the risk of accidental trips and falls. Since our founding in 1997 the NFSI has been a champion for slip, trip and fall prevention and continues its mission to advance its mission through the creation of nationally recognized consensus standards and encourages property owners to adopt the B101.9 standard as a part of their existing safety policies and procedures.

The B101.9 subcommittee, Chaired by Zed Hejzlar with Engineering Systems, Inc worked diligently to produce this standard.