Household Cleaner Comparisons

  Household Floor Cleaner Change in Slip Resistance
One Month
Armstrong® Floor Cleaner -1%

Brite® 1-Step Floor Shine Cleaner +1%
Clorox Clean-Up® -14%
Clorox® Ready Mop +1%
Clorox® Wet Pre-Moistened Floor Wipes 0% 0%
Lysol® All Purpose Cleaner -43%
Lysol® One Step™ Floor Cleaner -36%
Lysol® Wet Floor Cloths -25%
Mop & Glo® Triple Action Floor Shine Cleaner +1%
Mr. Clean® Ultimate Orange Multi-Purpose Cleaner -27%
Murphy® Oil Soap Just Squirt & Mop 0% -59%
Murphy® Oil Soap Wood Floor Cleaner 0% -54%
Parsons’® Lemon Ammonia All Purpose Cleaner -2%
Pine Sol® Cleaner +1%
Pledge® Grab It™ Wet Floor Wipes +1%
Pledge® Orange Wood Floor Cleaner +1%
Spic and Span® -12%
Swiffer Wet™ Disposable Cloths -25%
Xtra-Pine® -5%

Note: Testing commenced on July 1, 2003 and ended on July 31, 2003. All products were purchased from a local supermarket and applied to new residential grade sheet vinyl. All products were mixed per the manufacturer’s recommendations and applied with a recommended applicator. Test products were allowed to dry for a period of two-hours then tested for wet Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) with the NFSI’s Universal Walkway Tester (UWT). Wet testing was conducted in accordance to NFSI 101-A standard test method and the results recorded. Percentage changes were based on the mean value of three independent test samples.