The NFSI is proud to be a member of The Society For Standards Professionals.

The NFSI B101 committee develops the NFSI B101 series of slip, trip and fall prevention standards in compliance with the requirements as established by the Society for Standards Professionals (SES). Since its founding in 1997, the NFSI has been the leader in walkway safety and is internationally recognized as a consensus standards developing organization (SDO) in slip, trip and fall prevention.

What is an SDO?

SDOs are standards development organizations which work to formulate health and safety standards. The term “standard’ includes a wide variety of technical works that prescribe rules, guidelines, best practices, specifications, test methods, design or installation procedures, etc. The size, scope and subject matter of standards varies widely among industries.

NFSI is not only independent organization that develops walkway safety standards. Many not-for-profit professional societies, testing organizations and other 501(c)(3) organizations also develop consensus-based health and safety standards for private and government use. NFSI is part of a small group that serves the public through the creation of standards that promote walkway safety.

Why standards cost

While volunteers donate their time and expertise, quality standards development is expensive, and requires substantial administrative and technical staff support, research and information services, production and publication services, and meeting costs associated with the subcommittee meetings that an SDO may convene each year. Unlike other standards developing organizations that are industry funded, NFSI not funded by any trade or business so we underwrite the cost of standards activities through the publication and sale of our standards.

Government use of private standards

The United States has a long tradition of government use of voluntary consensus standards to help further important public policy goals. Local, state and national governments have the option to use many types of private sector standards that have been developed by a wide variety of private entities. In areas that affect public health and safety, governments have turned to independent, public service SDOs such as NFSI.

Looking to purchase NFSI Standards?

Standards developed by NFSI are “voluntary consensus standards” created through openness, balance of interests represented and fairness.  NFSI has been busy compiling research and support for the standardization of walkway safety. If you need to scope the latest NFSI standards, please purchase your a copy by following the link provided.

Need information on B101 Committee Updates?

The NFSI B101 Committee oversees the development of NFSI standards for floor safety. All details of the NFSI B101 Committee can be found here. Check in to get news, work items, or technical documents related to current standard developments.