The National Floor Safety Institute is proud to roll out a new class of professionally trained walkway auditors. Attendees were taught all the necessary information on how to properly conduct a walkway safety inspection. Trainees were also taught how to conduct inspections per the anticipated revisions of OSHA’s rule for “Walking and Working Surfaces.” The latest on ANSI/NFSI B101 Standards is covered in great detail on the course. And our auditors are always trained in the NFSI Walkway Auditing Guideline to ensure best practices in the field.

Slips and falls from unsafe walkways are one of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace. This leads to a lot of time effort and money spent by employers on matters such as sick pay, or compensation as the result of a personal injury attorney Glendale law firm filing suit.

Our mission is “to educate professionals about current as well as upcoming walkway standards, the measurement of coefficient of friction, and the performance of a proper walkway audit.” Safety in public spaces and the workplace are our number one priority.

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