The Science of Friction (Tribometers 101)

Knowing which slip resistance tester (Tribometer) can often be confusing. Tribometers 101, is a  four hour session that will cover a wide range of information related to the use and application of portable tribometers. Learning objectives include:
      • The science behind the measurement of slip resistance
      • SCOF, DCOF, TCOF whats the difference?
      • Tribometer types, use and operation
      • Which device is appropriate for your application
      • Industry standards associated with specific tribometers
      • Should you test under wet or dry conditions
      • Test sensor materials and types
      • Calibration methods
      • Tribometers and the legal system. What the courts require.
      • What to do with the test results
Upon completion, attendees are eligible to register for Tribometers 102 which is a four hour lab whereby attendees can gain hands-on experience using a wide  range of portable devices.